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Let’s pretend that…

At a time I had an amazing Rock star life. My sister and I were in an awesome Rock band called “The PPG’s” (which, by the way, is actually short for Power puff girls). We’d do covers of Nirvana, Bon Jovi, ACDC, Deff Leppard and our ultimate favorite… Smokey! We had the time of our lives! Big concerts, partying all night, meeting lots of people all the time and of course all the world tours we did. We were big stars and the whole world adored us.

I drove an Onyx Black Shelby Mustang and my sister a Wine Red Lamborghini we lived in a big Mansion near some Beach and we were both married to amazing guys. Strangely with our busy ‘Rock Star Schedules’ we still had time for our families and our marriages worked out. I remember my sister getting married in the Bahamas. I can’t really remember when or where my wedding was or if I even had a wedding… I was just married.

 You must be thinking… what a life! You would love a life like that right? Yeah me too, see we lost everything… I mean everything as soon as my sister went to High school. She dropped out of the band a few days before we were supposed to have one of the biggest concerts ever. All of a sudden we were just too big to play the silly game we called – Let’s Pretend…

Looking back now I wish we could have played a little bit longer. I miss it, I miss having such a great time just running around the house with my sister, I miss driving my Black Mustang with a plastic plate and a wooden spoon on the sofa, I miss my brush microphone.

Times change and with time our lives changes every single day. I’d love to be the little girl walking around in her mothers’ high heels singing ‘Oh Carol’ in the living room, but I’m not her anymore. Right now I’m a grown up girl, who goes to the office every day, I have my own high heels and my car is not a Shelby Mustang, but it is in fact Onyx Black.

See things change all the time whether we like it or not; hopes change, dreams change, feelings change. That’s just the way life is and all we can do is adapt to the changes and move on. Some changes are good and they can make you extremely happy and other changes has the ability to break your heart into a thousand pieces, sometimes it’s hard to pick those pieces up and impossible to get over it, but you simply have to learn to live with it, it sound harsh, but sometimes life can be very harsh… the bitter-sweet truth is that life goes on. Good things don’t last forever, but luckily bad things also does not last forever.


The beauty of life is that we get to experience so much in such a limited time, we get to experience falling in love, friendship, seeing new places, the anxiety and excitement of life changing occurrences, the absolute unconditional love when holding your child for the first time… would you sacrifice all of that just for a guarantee that life won’t ever change?


Accept every single day with open arms, adapt to life’s changes and live your life to the fullest. If you are not happy with the way your life is right now, maybe it’s time to make some changes yourself?


2 thoughts on “Let’s pretend that…

  1. This is an amazing read, and so very true. That is the spontaneity of life, you never know what card you will be dealt with, but you just have to embrace it, learn from it, enjoy it and carry on. That is the beauty of life.

    I also wished I drove a Shelby Mustang, and who knows, maybe that opportunity may still come, you just never know.

    Love your articles.

    Much love


  2. Thank you David 🙂 your kind words really means a lot. Thank you for your interest in my writing, I really appreciate it.

    P.s It would be sooo awesome to have a Shelby Mustang! 🙂


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