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Why is it so hard to make up your mind?

What if you find the right person and end up missing out on them, because you were “still looking” or “not ready”. It’s like when you hear a song you really like on the radio, but you don’t stay and listen to it because, like most, you’ve got to see what else is playing on other stations before you decide.

So you keep looking through different stations and find nothing that can compare to the song in the beginning, because in the middle of your “song pursuit” you realize the song you had heard at first is your favorite song and there’s no better song out there, so then when you finally make up your mind and realize that you want to listen to that song and you decide to go back to that radio station… it’s too late… it’s over.

 Just like your favorite song won’t be playing forever, the person who could potentially be the love of your life won’t be waiting forever…


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